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Boston PAL seeks to foster a culture of trust and respect between the community and law enforcement through programs that promote character development, improve educational outcomes, and reduce crime.


Boston Police Activities League, Inc.

Founded in 1985, Boston PAL is an independent non-profit organization dedicated to promoting positive relationships between law enforcement officers and youth in the community.

We are committed to providing life-changing opportunities to the youth and disadvantaged populations in the City of Boston by administering support and funding to the Boston Police Department and other law enforcement agencies to support community engagement programs, initiatives and events.

Working directly with the Police Commissioner, Boston Police Districts, and the Bureau of Community Engagement (BCE), we help deliver programs that emphasize positive youth development and address high risk situations youth may confront such as truancy, alienation, bullying, juvenile delinquency, victimization, and gang involvement.

The Bureau of Community Engagement and District Community Service Officers offer programs, activities and events that create connection, belonging and confidence, while fostering positive mentor relationships with the police.

Three main goals for all youth programs and activities: 

  1. Build trust 
  2. Close the opportunity gap
  3. Teach social and emotional life skills

what we do

Community Policing

The Boston Police Department is a national leader in community policing, a widely accepted philosophy whereby the police and the community work together to solve problems of crime, disorder and safety issues to improve the quality of life for everyone.

Through Boston PAL’s continued support of BPD initiatives, we are extending the reach and collective impact of community policing programs. Through effective and crucial engagement with the youth in our communities, policing agencies better understand the special needs and challenges youth face today, and help address issues in non-confrontational environments. Successful substantive engagement early on is proven to help youth resist negative peer pressure and prevent involvement in criminal activity.

In this effort to reduce negative, high-risk behaviors, BPD’s Bureau of Community Engagement works with Boston PAL to create and enhance impactful programs through engaging in conversations with youth, serving as mentors, producing collaborative projects, providing new experiences, offering exposure to future opportunities, and supporting various activities.

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