PAL DEI Statement


#buildingtrust #changinglives

For over 35 years, PAL has worked with law enforcement and our communities to build trust & change lives by providing meaningful engagement and access to opportunities, with a focus on decreasing the gap in social and economic inequality.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion is embedded in our work, as every conversation and activity highlights the challenges faced by the city’s most vulnerable populations –  immigrants, youth and seniors – who are striving for social justice, equity, diversity & inclusion in a just and fair world. We remain steadfast in engaging law enforcement & community, especially youth, to build a better Boston. PAL is committed to fight racism and injustice in our everyday work.

To work towards our mission, PAL will:

  • Continue to drive change, and elevate & amplify youth voices
  • Develop & maintain partnerships with organizations led by BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ 
  • Continue to empower youth by providing opportunities to speak their truths, share concerns and engage in effective dialogue


We are all reminded that there is more that we can do to help dismantle the systems and privileges that benefit some and disadvantage others based upon their race, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, income, and physical or mental disability. 

Boston PAL is uniquely positioned to bring law enforcement and youth in the community together – to create a safe environment, reinforcing trust and respect, and helping vulnerable youth seek guidance with societal challenges.

Given the nature of our work, every conversation and activity highlight the challenges surrounding the vulnerable populations of our city that are striving for social justice, equity and a just and fair world.